Sven Luthardt began in his High School years alongside his father to understand the raw material & energy business. From the age of 18 onwards, he took on management responsibilities related to the family-owned company METZ that was invested in some of the biggest formally state-owned combined ventures after the reunion of Germany in 1990. Aged 34, he founded the Luthardt GmbH together with his brother, Björn Luthardt, in 2008. He spent most of his life travelling the world, visiting oil & gas fields and power-, energy transmission- and distribution-plants, getting to know the energy needs of developing economies and serving the interests of major players in the global energy industry.

Luthardt is mainly present in Europe and in the raw material financed markets in the Near and Middle East and Africa. Due to rapid political developments in many of these countries, technology exporting enterprises are constantly presented with new challenges and difficult conditions to conduct their business. Relying on many years of experience and relation-building Luthardt offers a solid distribution and transaction platform at home and in emerging markets abroad even in times of socio-political change. Luthardt ensures that “Made in Germany” products and services continue to be successfully implanted in energy projects shortly after or even during political unrest. This – you might say – is our USP.

Our focus hereby lies on introducing and installing technologies inside and outside Europe which meet the high demands of sustainability known to German standards. We fight for forward-looking solutions in the energy sector to enable the growth of societies in tune with nature and consult our partners along that way.