Luthardt has many years of experience in several countries and numerous projects in the energy sector as well as a worldwide network of long-standing business relations to help you place your products or services abroad and successfully realize your entrepreneurial aim. 

We are mainly present in raw material financed markets in the Near and Middle East and Africa. Due to the recent political developments in these countries, technology exporting enterprises are now presented with new challenges and difficult conditions to conduct their business. Luthardt can rely on many years of experience and relation-building to offer a solid distribution and transaction platform in emerging markets even in the current times of socio-political change. Products “Made in Germany “at the hand of Luthardt continue to be successfully implanted in energy projects shortly after or even during political unrest. 

Our focus hereby lies on introducing and installing technologies outside Europe which meet the high demands of sustainability known to German products. We fight for forward-looking solutions in the energy sector of developing countries to enable the growth of societies in tune with nature. ​